FV Bank Introduces Custody Money Market Accounts: A New Way to Grow and Manage Your Money

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FV Bank is leading the way in creating smart financial solutions in a world full of fast-changing technology and evolving money matters. We like to call it FINnovation! We want to help you grow and manage your money more effectively. Our latest offering, Custody Money Market Accounts, is here to make your financial life easier.
This exciting new product brings new possibilities for FV Bank customers. The Custody Money Market Account allows account holders to generate passive income on their account balance without locking or losing access to their funds.

What Are Custody Money Market Accounts?

But what exactly are Custody Money Market Accounts, and why should you be excited about them? Let’s break it down without any jargon.

Earn Passive Income

With Custody Money Market Accounts, you can maximize your savings in a highly liquid, minimal risk and secure manner. In today’s world, where every dollar counts, this is a great way to make your money go further.

Seamless Integrated into FV’s online banking portal

Moving money around can be a hassle, especially when paying unexpected fees. But with FV’s intuitive banking dashboard (accessible via web banking portal and mobile app), you can seamlessly transfer funds between your bank account to the Custody Money Market account with no extra fees.

Instant Access to your funds

Investing in the Custody Money Market account is entirely controlled by account holders, who can initiate it from a secure custodial account without locking or losing access to their funds. At any point during business hours, you have the flexibility to withdraw your funds from the Custody Money Market account with just a few clicks.

Earn on your Stablecoin Holdings

FV Bank provides you with the ability to convert your stablecoins into USD and deposit them into the Custody Money Market account, allowing you to earn income. Then again, you can easily convert these USD to USDC and USDT stablecoin. It’s a simpler and more secure way to earn income on your stablecoin holdings.

Meet the Head of FV Bank

Miles Paschini, the CEO of FV Bank, is filled with excitement regarding the Custody Money Market Accounts. In his own words, Miles expressed, “We’re excited to introduce the Custody Money Market Account as part of our comprehensive suite of financial services. This offering allows our clients to earn income on their funds and easily convert custodial funds back to their deposit account so they can easily manage payments.”

Everything in One Place

The standout feature of Custody Money Market Accounts lies in its seamless integration into FV’s comprehensive suite of payment, banking, and custody services. This means you can conveniently utilize this account from anywhere, anytime, through FV’s online banking portal and mobile app, offering a one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

The Bottom Line

FV Bank is your reliable partner in the realm of evolving banking innovations. Our Custody Money Market Accounts are designed to optimize the growth of your funds, catering to a wide range of individuals, not just affluent investors. We prioritize small and medium-sized businesses as well, and we haven’t overlooked the potential of digital assets; we are committed to helping you maximize returns on your stablecoin holdings.

For more information about Custody Money Market Accounts and FV Bank’s other banking services, visit Whether you’re a regular person looking to save or a business that needs intelligent financial solutions, FV Bank is here for you.
Disclaimer: The underlying money market accounts are provided by third-party issuers, not FV Bank. FV Bank provides custody services of the underlying money market account. FV Bank is not an investment advisor, and all decisions to invest in money market accounts are self-directed by FV Bank custody customers. For terms and conditions of custody services, please see FV Bank’s Custody Agreement

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