Consensus 2023 Wrap Up

FV Bank Consensus 2023 Wrap Up Blog Post

The FV Bank team had an exciting and worthwhile experience attending CoinDesk’s Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas. The event is widely known to be one of the most influential conversations in the crypto and Web3 space, and it was great for the team to meet fellow thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from the fintech and blockchain space from across the globe.

The team received a warm welcome response from attendees, which made their presence at the event even more special. They were also pleased to meet up with some of their banking clients at the event, where they shared their banking experiences with the team.
During the event, Miles and Nitin were involved in some great conversations that revolved around the regulation of digital assets and the role of banks in helping the web3 ecosystem grow. These discussions were highly informative and thought-provoking, and the shared insights have proved invaluable.
The FV Bank team would like to extend a special thanks to Nikolai Isayev, COO and Editor in Chief of Finance Feeds, who interviewed both Nitin and Miles. Erich Schwartz, Adjunct Professor of Law, and Tower Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, who interviewed Nitin, and David Berlind, editor-in-chief of Blockchain Journal, who conducted a video interview with Miles Paschini. These interviews provided a great opportunity for the team to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider audience and to engage in insightful discussions about the future of the fintech and blockchain industries.

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